Ultimate FGTP/EFSBA digital planning is start with the angulation of the upper teeth irrelevant to the head position. No more mechanical articulators, facebows or wax-up models.

Our state of the art sensory technology will benefit you within minutes. Every dentist can now switch from analog to digital world in a split second. The increased precision, convenience and efficiency will greatly improve your planning routines.
Every occlusal plane can now be personalized thanks to individual angles of upper teeth in relation to the patients head. UP-DFA is exclusively designed for FGTP and EFSBA usage. It provides a universal base for both static and dynamic occlusal registration.

UP-DFA : Next-generation of DentoFacial Analyzer

A real modern breakthrough in dentistry. Don’t waste time and save your money, go digital and see how fast and efficient it is.
Easy and convenient way of positioning jaws in virtual and real articulators. A GPs and a specialist dreams come true.

Next Generation Of DentoFacial Analyzer

Cost effective

Greatly decrease your expenses by reducing the obsolete impression and bite registration materials usage. Forget about posting them physically and waiting for days for the results from your lab, do it at a click of a button within seconds. Save your money and energy!

Lab communication

Use your cellphone, laptop and any other mobile device to send the measurement data to your lab. Communicate with your lab technician and oversee the procedural progress in real time.

Exquisite Design

While a traditional facebow gives your patients the creeps, feedback shows that our ergonomic and modern design is surprisingly pleasant and futuristic. Switch your equipment to something that perfectly fits the modern day and is more patient-friendly.

Multiple usage

Either you need to measure the teeth position or tracks jaw movement, UP-DFA can do it all. It can easily provide planning for a single crown and full mouth reconstruction as well as an orthognatic surgery procedures. UP-DFA is the only solution on the market to fully perform Facially Generated Treatment Planning (FGTP) and Esthetics, Function, Structure Biology and Airway (EFSBA). You will not need anything else!

Go mobile!

Discover a new world of digital dentistry. Manage the measurement process via a mobile device. Communicate with your patients by email. See for yourself that a digital patient archive and data processing is the future!

Fast and convenient

Imagine how much time and money you will save if you acquire teeth position data in a matter of seconds. Forget about all the archaic wax-up models and CBCT images. You can do it all on your computer.

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Is 0.0035° precision enough for you? Launch your practice to the most comprehensive levels.


Use UP-DFA for accurate superimposition data gathered from electronic occlusal analysis system to the real scanned occlusal surfaces of the teeth. Incorporate the unambigious position of the maxila to the existing software to improve orthographic treatment planning.


Register basic relationship between upper teeth, TMJs and face (cranio) thanks to the process of recording Maximum Intercuspation (MI) or Central Relation (CR).


Use the digital camera module for real time mandible movement registration to improve mimic of the patients masticatory system.


Taking the patients comfort into account, there is no need to worry about their head position during the measurement process. They can sit, stand or even move during the process which reduce their stress level and make them feel even more comfortable. The result of the procedure will always be correct!

Universal adapter

Two different types of plates for index upper teeth and bite registration.

What is unique about our product is that we resolved the problem of relationship between the angulation of the teeth of the upper arch to the position of the head. Basically, we do not need any CBCT images or analog scanned wax-up models with scanned index plate with the markers to fix unambiguosuly the inclination of the upper teeth in relation to the head in 3D world. During the recording of the position and angulation of the upper teeth the position of the head is irrelevant.