UP-DFA profits


 Benefits for patients

  Simplify and customise the process; make it faster and cheeper; final increase in positive experience

  More trust to the whole process; the ability to control the process with the data (medico-legal issues)

  Future based as integration to the complete virtual record of the patient – digital healthcare system

  No need to exposure to unnecessary x-rays eg CBCT, cephs,


 Benefits for dentists

  FGTP/DSD protocol is evidence based and universal. Very simple and fast – approx 10 minutes.

  The final pre-planned treatment position can be measured as the shift from universal position with all 6DoF (documentation).

  The whole process is really digital, no scanned duplicate wax-up models; stl, obj files are the base for inter-  communication (dental office/lab/patient/insurance etc)

  No need to use CBCT images only for surgical/airway cases

  No more emotions in dental office/lab communication; medical/legal aspects!!

  Future based approach with the intimate integration with 3D printers; more AI and robotics for the futher development


 Benefits for lab technicians

  Simplify and faster the planning proces especially with the „big work”;

  Customise the work for the individual patient; easy communication with other digital devices or software via the .stl, obj file; no more search common points for edentolous patients

  Verification of the process with the data – medical/legal issues; final increase in trust and work effectiveness between dental office and lab

  Open for the future and integration with 3D printers; more AI and robotics for the workflow automatisation


 Benefits for educational centers: eg Universities, Spear Education

  Simple and easy to incorporate to the existing education system

  New courses on digital treatment planning based on eg. FGTP/EFSB protocols and offer the UPDFA sets with their own logo

  New courses about the medicolegal aspects of manufacturing dental work;

  More scientific papers to publish that will verified the accuracy and repeatibility of all dental works which were not measured till now


 Benefits for distributor

  Ist class of medical device – facility to enter to the market;

  Different end users: dental officies, labs, educational centres etc

  Easy to conviced all interested sides to have and use it routinely (medical/legal aspects – what is measured is a subject for judgement: Declaration of US Supreme Court)

  The confidence that this resolution will continue for the next 20 years based on IP protection

  Future based resolution; open for the integration with the digital healthcare system with AI or robotics