UP-DFA the complete set


  • Main device based on 2 (optionally 3) cameras with 4K resolution able to make both the digital pictures and face scans (photogrammetry)

  • High-ended elastic forehead band and 3D markers based on injection forms

  • Mobile software for control the dental office part of the exam

  • PC software to produce customised set of indexes for any teeth/dental work

3D Adapters for Control/Set Universal Position in UP-DFA software


3D Adapters are positioned and orientated at UP-DFA software in universal position where translation envelopes and rotation envelopes between these 3D Adapters are 0 (deg, mm) in XYZ coordinate.

It is done by usage of individual paraocclusal trays/ smile line index plate futher connected both with final dental work from one side and via 3D Adapters with 3D markers on the other side and delivered  for any dental work

UP-DFA measures the deviation of the final dental work connected via 3D adapters with 3D markers from  this universal position placed on the teeth/implants in the patient mouth.